The World's Largest Independent Producer of Alternators 1 - 5,000kVA

Open and delivering power for our communities

We will aim to provide the best service for you while protecting the health of our people, their families and our customers.


In today’s world power is critical. Mankind’s desire for experience, our passion to make change happen and our quest for knowledge has typically driven a society dependent on electrical energy. Whether this is continuous power for running our homes, buildings and facilities, or vital back-up power for our hospitals, data centres, construction sites and mobile health facilities, we truly believe that maintaining the critical power infrastructure is a way of keeping the world together. Our focus is to help our communities access power when they need it most.  

At Mecc Alte we are working hard to collect, process and deliver as much as possible in difficult circumstances. We are constantly monitoring and reviewing resource, supply and procedures.

We will continue to provide the best service for you while protecting the health of our people, their families and our customers. We have provided guidance to our colleagues to help prevent the spread of any infection. We are doing so in line with preventative guidance from global and local Public Health advisors as we look to continue to manufacture across our global network. We are keeping our ways of working under constant review. 

We thank you for your patience. We are working hard to deliver your products and keep the power on.


By your side. Shoulder to shoulder.

We have strong contingency plans in place to ensure product is kept moving. The scale, vast network and business continuity expertise of our organisation means we have extensive experience in being able to quickly deploy plans, so we continue to provide customers with access to our alternators, service and parts.

From our family to yours


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much faster through collaboration.”

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