Industrial and Marine Products

Our main brand – a manufacturer and supplier of synchronous alternators 4 pole from 3.5kVA through to 5,000kVA and 2 pole alternators 5kVA to 2,000kVA.


  • 3.5 – 5,000kVA
  • 1 phase brushless – capacitor for light towers
  • Slipring/Compound in 2 and 4 pole up to 24kVA
  • Brushless compound in 2 and 4 pole to 98.5kVA with AVR option
  • Brushless AVR in 2 and 4 pole to 5,000kVA
  • 400Hz up to 200kVA
  • 6 pole alternators
  • Specialised technologies
  • Variable speed
  • Permanent magnet generators
  • Generators for renewable applications (water and
    wind turbine)
  • Mercurio DC system and hybrid systems for telecom applications 5kW to 15kW



Specialised Power Products

Focusing on MV and HV products for power generation and producing synchronous and asynchronous generators suitable for hydropower applications.


Low, medium and high voltage alternators, designed for demanding applications

  • 1 – 5MVA
  • LV – voltage up to 690V / MV up to7,200V / HV up to13,800V
  • Separate circuit-cooling by air or water is available

Hydropower alternators

  • Synchronous alternators up to 10MVA, 380 – 15,000V, up to 32 pole, water or air-cooled, horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Asynchronous alternators up to 700kW, low speed, water or air-cooled
  • D2G – permanent magnet generators, steady speed without invertor up to 500kW



Portable 2 Pole Products 1 – 17kVA

A company that specialises in the volume manufacturing of small 2 pole portable units 1.2kVA to 17kVA.



1 phase brushless capacitor excited units with optional AVR or Brush + AVR

3 phase with slipring compound control or Brush + AVR



Welders and Specialised Products

A factory specialising in customised power solutions making tailor-made specialised alternators and welding generators.



2 and 4 pole welding alternators with auxiliary output AC 130-220A and 200-500A DC

Special products tailored to meet customers’ requirements

Water-cooled, DC, lighting, totally enclosed, variable speed, short units